Setting Up and Maintaining Your Litter Robot

If you individual kittens and cats, you no doubt know that cleansing the cat litter box is probably the most odious work. The prospect of scooping out clumps of smelly feline waste might be enough to create even the most devoted owners cringe. But imagine if there was a way to prevent all of that headache? With all the Litter Robot, now there is. This automated kitty litter box helps make cleaning after your kitties fast and simple – and yes it has a lot of other advantages also! Let’s take a closer look at why you need to take into account purchasing a Litter Robot for your feline good friends.


The greatest advantage of owning a litter robot is comfort. Not only will it help save you time each day, but it is going to keep your shoulders and back from being forced to lift large totes of litter or flex over repeatedly to wash out the kitty litter box. The Litter Robot takes each of the hard work out from clearing up after your kitties – all you have to do is empty out your waste drawer every couple of days and swap the liner as required. That is it! No more scooping out sections or getting rid of filthy litter into bags – just invest new liner and empty out the compartment when needed.

Health Benefits

Another wonderful thing about possessing a Litter Robot is that it helps keep your house healthy. Contrary to traditional litter boxes, which require scooping and guide cleansing, the Litter Robot utilizes a computerized raking program which helps reduce odor and bacteria build-up by taking away feces the moment it is deposited inside the container. This simply means significantly less bacteria in your house and less danger for human exposure to harmful microbes (including Toxoplasma Gondii). Additionally, since it calls for much less effort from you, you’ll be more probably to keep up with regular servicing which further minimizes odour and harmful bacteria levels at your residence.

In between its convenience, benefits and price-effectiveness, a smart investment within a Litter Robot might be one of the best judgements you are making for yourself along with your much loved animals this coming year! Whether or not you would like to save time from scooping out smelly kitty waste materials or simply maintain your house healthier all round without breaking the bank – investing in an automated kitty litter box might be exactly what you require!