Dr John Manzella on the Importance of Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Health Care Management

Dr John Manzella is a highly accomplished physician, entrepreneur, and healthcare leader with a wealth of experience in the medical field. He currently serves as the Medical Director and Practice Manager of LV Housecalls.
This innovative company provides in-home medical care to patients as the Physician Liaison and Billing Specialist for Topper Medical. Through these roles, Dr John Manzellacan utilize his extensive medical knowledge and business acumen to improve the health and well-being of patients.
Dr John Manzella’s journey in the medical field began when he earned his doctorate from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1995. He then went on to practice as a physician for several years, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience in various areas of medicine, including geriatrics, internal medicine, and palliative care. This experience has helped him become a healthcare expert, and his peers and patients highly respect him.
In addition to his work as a physician, Dr John Manzella also has a strong interest in healthcare management and administration. He earned his Ph.D. in Health Care Management in 2013 from the University of Rochville in Washington, DC, which allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the business side of healthcare. This knowledge has been invaluable in his current role, where he can use his entrepreneurial skills to advance further the care he can provide to his patients.
As the Medical Director and Practice Manager of LV Housecalls, Dr John Manzella is responsible for overseeing the company’s operations, ensuring that the highest quality of care is provided to patients. He is also responsible for developing and implementing new policies and procedures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company. Under his leadership, the company has become a leading provider of in-home medical care in the region. It is known for its high-quality care, compassionate staff, and innovative approach to healthcare.
As the Physician Liaison and Billing Specialist for Topper Medical, Dr John Manzella is responsible for building relationships with physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers to ensure that as many patients utilize the company’s services as possible. He is also responsible for the company’s billing and reimbursement processes and works closely with insurance companies to ensure that patients can receive the care they need.