How to Spot Fake CSGO Smurf Accounts


In the world of Counterstrike: World-wide Offensive, smurfing takes place when a skilled player creates a new account to experience towards much less experienced participants. When there’s nothing wrong with achieving this, there are several individuals who generate phony smurf credit accounts utilizing stolen identities or by making use of bots to artificially inflate their rank. Here’s how you can location an imitation smurf account which means you know who you’re really facing.

– Unnatural Heavy steam Degree or Exclusive Account

The very first thing you can even examine for is definitely an unusually great Vapor level or possibly a private account. A great deal of scammers will create new accounts with a substantial Vapor degree to check a lot more authentic. Nevertheless, if someone’s heavy steam levels suddenly jumps from to 40+ in a couple of days, that’s a major warning sign. Also, be wary of any individual whose Vapor information is individual because they may be trying to cover some thing.

– No User profile Snapshot

Yet another fantastic way to spot a fake accounts is if the user has no gta v modded money. A lot of fraudsters will provide new accounts without introducing a user profile picture since they don’t want to be identified. So, if a person you’re messing around with has no user profile pic, which should increase several eye-brows.

– No Friends or Action

If someone’s company-new bank account has no good friends and no activity, that’s one more cause of issue. Normally, when folks produce new Vapor accounts, they add no less than a selection of their close friends from the previous balances therefore they have individuals to enjoy. So, if someone’s brand-new account has nobody on their own close friend listing, that’s a lttle bit dubious. Moreover, a lot of people can have some sort of activity on the feed—whether it’s enrolling in a group or commenting on someone’s profile—so if someone’s feed is bare, that’s an additional indication that they could be up to no good.

– questionable Back links inside the Account

Lastly, be suspicious of any individual whose profile involves back links to additional websites—especially if those websites are unrelated to CSGO or video gaming generally. Fraudsters will often include backlinks to websites exactly where they’re marketing secrets or taken goods for them to earn some speedy cash off of unsuspecting affected individuals. So, if you see any hyperlinks in someone’s user profile, proceed with caution.


Although there’s nothing at all inherently wrong with smurfing, there are a few dishonest people who use artificial smurf accounts for nefarious functions. By being conscious of the signs of an imitation smurf account—such for an extraordinarily great Vapor degree, no account image, no friends or activity, and sketchy hyperlinks within the profile—you can prevent getting scammed and make certain that you’re only enjoying against honest foes.