Identifying and Resolving Reporting Issues During Your SMSF Audit

The Self-Handled Very Account (SMSF) review is actually a vital agreement requirement of all smsf audits. The review assures the SMSF is complying with superannuation laws and regulations and running based on the Rely on Deed. A reliable review procedure can save you money and time.

Listed here are our top tips for maximizing your Smsf audit productivity:

1. Comprehend the Audit Method

Step one to a effective review is knowing the method. This can include understanding what documents and data you need to give, and also the timelines concerned. If you’re unsure about one thing, check with your auditor for clarification.

2. Get Arranged

Before starting the audit, get your files and information to be able. This could save you time during the process and aid your auditor do their job more effectively.

3. Communicate With Your Auditor

Conversation is essential with regards to any type of organization relationship, and that includes your relationship between you and your auditor. In case you have inquiries or issues, be sure to raise them with your auditor to enable them to deal with them consequently.

4. Follow Up Following the Audit

As soon as the review is done, take the time to follow along with on top of your auditor. Ask for feedback regarding how the process journeyed and what could be increased for the next time. This should help you make any necessary adjustments to improve effectiveness in the future audits.


Making the most of your smsf audit australia performance is essential to protecting time and expense. By using these four tips—understanding the method, getting structured, talking with your auditor, and pursuing up following the audit—you can be sure your after that Smsf audit will operate correctly and efficiently.