Pocket doors – the hidden gem of home design

A pocket door is a wonderful way to preserve place in your home. Pocket doors slip in a budget inside the wall, which suggests they don’t use up any area when they’re wide open. They’re also hassle-free as you don’t have to bother about clearance for door golf swing. However, pocket doors might be tricky to preserve and take care of. Below are a few guidelines on how to maintain your pocket door in good shape.

Lubricate the Keep track of

Just about the most essential things you can do to preserve your pocket door would be to lubricate the track. The keep track of is really what the door glides on, and if it’s not properly lubricated, the door may become challenging to open and close. You must lubricate the path at least one time annually by using a silicone-dependent lubricant.

Clear the Door and Track On a regular basis

Another necessary element of preserving your French door is always to keep the two door and monitor clean. Airborne dirt and dust and debris can build-up with time to make it difficult for your door to slip effortlessly. To completely clean the door, just wash it down by using a humid towel. To clean up the monitor, make use of a vacuum with a clean connection or a portable duster. Then, remove it down having a humid cloth. Achieving this on a regular basis may help extend the life span of your pocket door.

Swap Worn Out Components

As time passes, wear can take its cost on your pocket door. The rollers or tires that assist the door push might need to get replaced, as well as the track alone. If you see your pocket door has become challenging to open up or close up, or if it’s producing disturbances when you do it, it’s probably time to replace a number of of the elements. You can get replacing pieces at many computer hardware stores or online retailers that market pocket doors.


With a bit of proper care and routine maintenance, your pocket door can last for several years. Be sure you lubricate the keep track of on a regular basis while keeping both door and keep track of clean. You may even have to change broken down pieces every so often. With only a bit of hard work, you can keep your pocket door hunting and operating like new for years!