Psychiatry Specialist Dr Charles Noplis Helps Doctors with His Scholarship

Dr Charles Noplis is a psychiatric doctor by trade with board certification. He is one of the few professionals in the mental health field who can prescribe medicine to help people treat their mental health issues or their so-called “demons” such as depression, PTSD, or bipolar disorder.

His practice straddles the line between neurology and psychology. He also recommends behavioral therapies and the specialists who know them best to help addicts deal with their addiction.

A Psychiatrist Giving Medical Students a Helping Hand

• Treatment of Mental Health Issues: A psychiatrist like Dr. Noplis offers both cognitive/dialectic behavioral therapy and medications in order to handle a wide variety of mental health issues. Not unlike a general practice physician, he also performs physical exams to make proper diagnosis of his patients’ mental health.

• Scholarship for All Medical Fields: Dr. Noplis also wishes to give back to the community after achieving success in the psychiatric field in the form of his own scholarship. It’s not medical school scholarship, but his company does have enough funds for premed or preparatory school tuition for medical-doctors-to-be.

• Two Sides of Therapy: The difficult part about mental health treatment is that the physical side of treating it can only do so much. You’ll also have to deal with the inner trauma of the patient in order to help him resolve how he approaches the “chemical imbalances” of his brain without delving into dark or bleak thoughts.

• Also Offers Psychotherapy: This is where psychotherapy comes in. Board-certified psychiatrists like Dr. Noplis can offer psychotherapy or therapeutic sessions that get into the inner workings and behavior of the patient rooting in his trauma and past experiences. This is aided by diagnostic tests, meditation exercises, and physical exams.

Medical Specialty Straddling Psychology and Neurology

Dr Charles Noplis medical specialty of psychiatry straddles the line between neurology and psychology, with the drug prescriptions helping out the neurological side of the condition while also giving advice and in-office therapy for the psychological side of the patient’s mental issues as well.