Skirting Boards: The Finishing Touch to Your Interiors

Ever wondered what all those lengthy pieces of timber or Pvc material are at the bottom of your respective wall surfaces? Nicely, all those are classified as skirting boards. Skirting boards are a crucial part associated with a residence indoor simply because they include a final touch towards the walls and protect them from kicks, scrapes, and knocks. In this article, we will consider a close look at skirting boards and everything you need to find out about them.

What are skirting boards?

Skirting boards are long pieces that run along the bottom of the wall surfaces, in which they meet the surface. They may be mainly useful for decorative uses, nevertheless they have other features, for example camouflaging undesirable wires and cabling, hiding unequal edges, and guarding the wall space. Skirting boards can be produced of different supplies, for example timber, Pvc material, MDF, or steel, according to the design and budget.

Precisely why are skirting boards crucial?

picture rail are crucial for a lot of good reasons. For starters, they give a elaborate contact on the place through providing a stylish accomplish across the wall surfaces. Additionally they have the area appearance taller by breaking apart the fishing line in between the wall structure as well as the surface. Moreover, skirting boards shield the walls from injury, such as nicks and scrapes caused by home furniture, youngsters, or pets. They may also act as a buffer against moisture and dampness, which can leak to the wall surfaces and trigger fungus.

Exactly what are the variations of skirting boards?

You can find different kinds of skirting boards from which to choose, based on your preference and interior décor. A number of the well-known designs consist of:

Ogee, that features a curved information and might offer a conventional or elaborate seem

Torus, with a convex account and may go well with both traditional and modern decorations

Chamfered, that features a sloping side and will give a sleek and modern day appear

Bullnose, which has a fifty percent-round user profile and can supply a soft and round finish

Rectangular benefit, that features a simple toned account and may suit modern interiors

How to mount skirting boards?

Skirting board set up is really a process that needs some DIY expertise and tools. Below are a few methods to follow:

Calculate the length of the wall surface to ascertain the entire skirting board essential.

Lower the skirting board to dimension utilizing a noticed and mitre pack or possibly a strength found.

Sand the sides and sides of the skirting board before appropriate to ensure a smooth accomplish.

Implement sticky or water fingernails or toenails to the back of the skirting board and press it to the wall, acquiring it with fingernails or screws.

Complete any gaps or nail pockets with timber filler and yellow sand again for the sleek finish.

How to maintain skirting boards?

Keeping skirting boards is fairly effortless. It is possible to thoroughly clean them on a regular basis having a duster or even a moist fabric to get rid of dust particles and dirt. You can even repaint them when they get chipped or discolored. Nonetheless, in the event the skirting boards get damp or damaged by dampness, for example flooding or spills, they may need to be replaced to stop mold or rot.


Skirting boards might appear to be a small fine detail in the area, nevertheless they can certainly make a big difference in terms of looks and protection. By picking the right fashion, materials, and installing method, you are able to boost the look of your wall space whilst keeping them safe from problems. We hope this guideline has given you with a greater comprehension of skirting boards and ways to use them at your residence.