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Real estate law is a specialty practice area of law that covers all aspects of the sale, purchase and transfer of real property. These transactions are often complex, and legal assistance is often required to ensure that both parties understand their rights and obligations so they can act without undue risk.
Real estate law encompasses many areas of practice, including commercial real estate, residential real estate and land use regulation. Real estate lawyers like Wade kricken help clients plan, obtain financing and close on real property transactions. They also handle complex disputes involving landlord-tenant relationships and property management issues. Real estate law and litigation is a core practice area that deals with the legal consequences of real estate ownership and property use. Real estate transactions are governed by state contract laws, local ordinances, federal statutes and regulations. These attorneys have a broad knowledge base and experience working across all areas of real estate transactions from beginning to end.

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Real Estate Law is the study of how state and federal law affect real estate transactions. In this course, you’ll explore the history, foundations and future of real estate law as well as its governing bodies, practices and various roles in sales transactions. The real estate law and litigation attorneys handle all aspects of business, including drafting and reviewing contracts, representing clients in negotiations, handling litigation and arbitration proceedings, preparing opinions and advising on regulatory matters.
It is a fact that most real estate law issues involve multiple parties. A successful outcome requires knowledge of the law, familiarity with the facts, and an understanding of how different players relate to each other. It is the practice of real estate litigation. This includes real property law, contracts, and commercial transactions in real property.

Real estate law and litigation, also known as land use law and real property law, is a specialty area that involves a broad range of legal issues arising from real property ownership. The practice encompasses many areas of law including the sale, purchase, financing and development of real estate. Real estate attorneys include lawyers who specialize in the representation of individuals, corporations and Wade kricken governments regarding all aspects of land use planning, leasing and management.